Puzzle City

Puzzle City 2.79

Puzzle city is a really original and easy puzzle game
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Puzzle city is a really original puzzle game. Your objective in this game is to put together buildings with color-coded construction block that will appear on the conveyor belt before it is full. There are different types of blocks, you will see factories, homes, shopping malls, schools, fire stations, police stations, and more. You also have power-ups to bulldoze unneeded buildings, freeze, reverse, break up or detonate construction pieces, and spray paint new colors. You will be able to acquire bonuses and create special buildings across multiple stages including snow-covered mountains, deserts, swamps, and even a lunar colony. There are forty eight different cityscapes to play in and two different modes, Story line mode and Untimed mode. The graphics are very nice and colorful and the sound effects and the music are really good too.
Puzzle city is really an entertaining and fun game, the only bad thing that I can say is that the full version is not free. You can download the trial version for free but it allows you only sixty minutes to play, once the free time runs out if you want to keep playing you will have to buy the full version for U$S 19.99

Review summary


  • A lot of levels
  • Nice graphics
  • Really fun and original


  • 60 minutes trial
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